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Dr. Austin has been able to amplify her influence by sharing oral care tips with thousands of consumers across the globe as the spokesperson for major brands like Listerine, Colgate, and Sensodyne as well as with her appearances on national tv shows like "The Doctor Oz Show" and "Today Show". She is now sharing insider Marketing, Branding, and Media strategies in her "How To Become A Celebrity" monthly membership club and coaching courses to teach entrepreneurs how to Get More Exposure and Get Noticed by High-Value Clients, Media, Celebrities, and Brands.

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Get Your Business Noticed With Valuable Content That Generates Leads!

Welcome to The Celebrity Branding Podcast, hosted by yours truly, Celebrity Entrepreneur Dr. Catrise Austin. With a legacy of building a valuable celebrity dental practice in 1998 and then selling it to a big dental chain in 2017, I now lead a celebrity branding, content marketing, and Lead Generation agency to help entrepreneurs just like you “hit the easy button” to build a valuable well known brand too. Join me each week as we dive into The Fame Formula™️, my proven 5-key strategy for brand monetization. You’ll gain actionable insights on starting a brand, social media strategies, book and podcast launching, getting booked in the media, and strategic networking. Discover how to stand out, attract ideal clients, and claim industry authority. Subscribe now for a transformative journey that will unlock your brand identity, empower your target audience to become raving fans, and enthusiastically say “YES!” to your offers!

Elevate your smile game with Dr. Catrise Austin

Join the lively "Let’s Talk Smiles Podcast" for dental consumers with Celebrity Dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, your smile BFF and go-to smile expert! Dr. Austin, aka "The Queen of Smiles," spills the tea on dentistry news you can use, hot trends, and heartwarming patient stories that will inspire you to smile. Get ready for a weekly smile party filled with practical tips that'll have you flashing your brightest, healthiest smile. Tune in for the knowledge, stay for the fun and confidence boost!

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the fame formula - 5 Strategies to Get Noticed & Create a celebrity brand

Learn how to attract 'high value' clients that are amazing to work with. Work less and earn more with right fit, "prequalified" customers who are ready to work with you and seek you out.

As entrepreneurs, we constantly strive for business growth.

Our goal is to stand out from the crowd, attract ideal customers, deliver exceptional products/services, and increase revenue. This requires strategy. Which is why Dr. Catrise Austin believes that every entrepreneur should be a "celebrity" or well known! When people know, like, and trust your brand they are more likely to be influenced, become raving fans, support/buy from you, and refer others.

Unlock the life-changing secrets of building a well-known brand to boost your financial bottom line and career satisfaction! Bestselling author and award-winning cosmetic dentist to the stars, Dr. Catrise Austin shares her formula for attracting the life that you deserve by boosting your authority as a well-known "celebrity" in your local town, state, or even nationwide.

Learn how to attract 'high value' clients that are amazing to work with. Work less and earn more with right fit, "prequalified" customers who are ready to work with you and seek you out. Gain strategies to establish your personal brand and brand message, target your market, develop your signature story, write the book, and get noticed by the media.

I'll cover strategies like


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here's what's possible when you hire dr. austin to speak about the 5 strategies to get noticed and become a celebrity brand...


What is a personal brand and how to get started building one
How building a strong personal brand can help you stand out
Determine your brand tone and voice
How to discover your target audience (niche)
4 Essential steps to develop your message (hook), offer, and call to action
Sample Offer

Secrets To Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Key To Setting Up Your Social Media Profiles & Bios
Action Steps To Build Your Social Media Followers
Why You Should Audit Your Social Media Content
Discover What Content You Want Post On Social Media
How to Increase Your Efficiency and Consistency
Get Ready For Brand Deals

Every celebrity entrepreneur Needs To Write A Book

The Benefits to Having a Published Book
8 Keys For Successful Book Writing
Must Have Tools And Apps To Write Your Book
Discover What Problem(s) You Want To Solve Or Address
Understanding Publishing Options, Publisher vs Self Publishing


How to Find the Right Media Outlet to Be Featured as An Expert
How to Develop TV & Podcast Segment Ideas
Insider Secrets to Pitch & Land Local and National TV Appearances
How to Leverage Your Media Attention to Support Your Business Goals


Dr. Austin's Secrets to Building Celebrity Relationships
Master Your Elevator Pitch
The Keys to Successful Networking
How to Make Celebrity Contacts 

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Unprepared for the rigors of growing a brand without key sales and marketing strategies, many practice owners build a successful – yet stressful – business that they don’t always love working in.

Finding herself in this situation, Catrise Austin, DDS worked with business and marketing gurus to learn the principles and strategies that brought her BOTH business success and less stress!

 She is now a doctor to celebrities, an author, and a social media influencer that patients, media and brands turn to.

One of America’s most influential dentists, Catrise Austin, DDS speaks across the country and the world sharing principles for enhancing brand awareness and strategies for practice success. 

Better known as The Queen of Smiles™, Dr. Austin has been regularly featured on local and national television including NBC’s Today Show, ABC, and even TMZ sharing cosmetic dentistry tips from both of her #1 international bestseller books, “GetSmiled” and “The Ultimate Guide To Charcoal Teeth Whitening”.

For more than two decades, Dr. Austin has shared teeth whitening secrets with not only thousands of her own patients, but also with tv audiences across the nation including The Dr. Oz Show and Today Show. In April 2018, she launched VIP Smiles, her own teeth whitening product line which was nominated in 2018 as a “Best Oral Care” product at New York’s Indie Beauty Expo.

Voted as one of the “World’s Top 100 Doctors” by the Global Summit Institute and one of the “Top 25Women In Dentistry” by Dental Products Report Magazine, Dr. Austin was also named as one of Kleer’s “Most Influential Dentist’s in America” for her influence in the field of dentistry. For the past decade, she has served as a national dental spokesperson and brand ambassador for multiple major dental brands.

Dr. Austin teaches dental professionals how to grow their practices and brands through her #1 best-selling books “How to Become A Celebrity Doctor” and “How To Start Your Own Teeth WhiteningBusiness-In No Time”. She is a frequent contributor to online and print media publications in the industry and beyond, including a business feature in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Dr. Austin practices cosmetic dentistry in New York and her hometown of Flint Michigan.

Inspiring beyond belief!!!

Dr. Austin connects with her audience on a personal level with a positive message that reassures you that you can either have the smile of your dreams, or be the one who creates dream smiles!

John Knotts 

Business Coach

CrossCutter Enterprises

Antonio McMillen - student

Savannah State University

"Dr. Austin's story was inspiring for me.  Your past doesn't define your future."

DR. LISA LEWIS - Functional medicine doctor

Owner of The Holistic Healing Institute

"Dr. Austin inspired me to feel confident in my smile because our smiles are our power."


From Top Doc

"I had to get a copy of Dr. Austin's book because the details are amazing, I have so much homework to do."

Emmie Saveda

The Champions Institute

"Dr. Austin taught me that no dream is too small, you can feel Dr. Austin's heart in her speech. Thank you so much for such an impactful presentation"

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How To Become A Celebrity Brand
5 Insider Strategies To Get Noticed By High Value Clients, Media, Celebrities and Brands
How to Start A Teeth Whitening Business IN NO TIME 
How to make extra money by taking a bite out of the billion dollar teeth whitening industry
Smile Your Way To Success
How To Use Your Smile To Boost Your Confidence and Image To Help You Get Exactly What You Want Out Of Life!

dr. Austin's Published works

Get SMILED! tHE uLTIMATE Guide to improving your image.

Get Smiled reveals how you can experience a huge boost in confidence and overcome feeling unhappy, insecure, held back, and even lonely because of your smile.


5 Strategies to Get Your Business Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving for business growth. Every day we find ourselves on the quest to stand out from our competition, to attract more ideal customers, to deliver top notch products or services, and to earn higher revenue-preferably working smarter and not harder so that we don’t burn out, we continue to love what we do, and we have fun doing it. To achieve this, we must be strategic.

How to start a teeth whitening business in no time

If you want to expand your skills, get a competitive advantage, and make easy money with little investment....let me show you how in my new Teeth Whitening Training Course Book: How To Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business- IN NO TIME!"

Porcelain Veneers exposed

Everything Dental Patients Need to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers.


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