It may surprise you to learn that my journey as a celebrity dentist extends beyond the dental clinic and into the world of acting. Yes, you heard that right, I am also a member of SAG-AFTRA, the actors' union. You might be wondering, how do these two worlds intersect? Well, let me enlighten you.

As a cosmetic dentist to the stars, I realized that the key to success in my industry, and indeed any industry, is diversification. I stepped into acting and performing for dental and health brands, seamlessly merging my dental expertise with my newfound acting prowess.

But how did I transition into this dual role? It's all about my proven method, "The Fame Formula". Over the past 25 years, I've utilized five strategies to create my celebrity brand, get my business noticed, and yes, even to step into the acting world.

Transforming My Business with Celebrity Branding: Establishing a strong, recognizable brand was my first step. I was not just 'a dentist,' I became 'the celebrity dentist,' and that's when I began to attract the right customers.
Maximizing and Monetizing Social Media: My online presence exploded as I leveraged various social media platforms and distribution channels, positioning myself as an expert in my field.
From Startup to Bestseller...Why Entrepreneurs Should Write a Book: I didn't just tell people about my experience, I put it down in words, seven books worth of words to be exact! My written works boosted my credibility and further expanded my audience.
The Magic of Media: I sought out media bookings to enhance my visibility, learning how to effectively pitch my ideas to print media, TV, and radio.
Networking to Fame: Lastly, I built relationships with influencers and celebrities, leveraging their popularity to enhance my own brand.

It's this dynamic career that brings me to the current SAG-AFTRA strike. As an actor and dental authority, I’m feeling the effects too. But this isn't just about actors, it's about fair treatment and change across industries. That's why I stand with my fellow SAG-AFTRA members.

Being part of SAG-AFTRA brings numerous benefits. Not only is it an additional revenue stream, but it also teaches me how to communicate messages concisely like a pro, boosts my industry authority, and enables me to reach more people, thereby changing more lives.

The strike isn't a setback, but a stepping-stone, a chance to fight for better standards and conditions. Because whether I’m holding a script or a dental drill, I believe in standing up for what's right.

For more details on how I have utilized "The Fame Formula," visit Let's navigate the path to fame and success together.

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