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In the meantime please watch the video below on the 3 most important strategies that I have used to monetize and build a well known brand.  Pithing, Networking and Making connections with influencers and celebrities.

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Here are a few tips on why networking and making influencer/celebrity connections are essential to your success


Increased visibility

Influencer and celebrity connections can introduce you and your brand to a wider audience, giving you more exposure and visibility. When an influencer or celebrity endorses your brand, their followers will see it, and many will be interested in learning more about your products or services.


Credibility boost

Having an influencer or celebrity connection can give your brand a credibility boost, making it more attractive to potential clients. People trust influencers and celebrities, and their endorsement of your brand will help to establish trust with potential customers.


Opportunities for collaboration

Networking with influencers and celebrities can also lead to opportunities for collaboration. By partnering with an influencer or celebrity, you can leverage their expertise and influence to reach new audiences and grow your business.


Increased media coverage

When you make celebrity connections, you also increase your chances of getting media coverage. This can be in the form of interviews, features, or even product placements. The media loves to cover celebrities, and having a celebrity connection can help to get your brand in front of the right people.

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4 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Create Key Relationships and Develop Celebrity Contacts

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in less than 1 hour and a half!

Module 1

Dr. Austin's Secrets to Building Celebrity Relationships

Module 2

Master Your Elevator Pitch

Module 3

The Keys to Successful Networking

Module 4

How to Make Celebrity Contacts

Just a Few of the Celebrities that Endorse Dr. Austin!

About Your Coach

Dr. Catrise Austin

Better known as The Queen of Smiles™, Dr. Austin has been regularly featured on local and national television including NBC’s Today Show, ABC, and even TMZ sharing cosmetic dentistry tips from both of her #1 international bestseller books, “GetSmiled” and “The Ultimate Guide To Charcoal Teeth Whitening”.

For more than two decades, Dr. Austin has shared teeth whitening secrets with not only thousands of her own patients, but also with tv audiences across the nation including The Dr. Oz Show and Today Show. In April 2018, she launched VIP Smiles, her own teeth whitening product line which was nominated in 2018 as a “Best Oral Care” product at New York’s Indie Beauty Expo.

Dr. Austin teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their brands through her #1 best-selling books “5 Strategies to Get Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand ” and “How To Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business-In No Time”. 

She is a frequent contributor to online and print media publications in the industry and beyond, including a business feature in Entrepreneur Magazine and is excited for the opportunity to teach you the skills she's used in her business for over 25 years that has led to all of her success!

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strategy 5: insider secrets to Building Key relationships and making celebrity contacts

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5 Insider Strategies to Get Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand The Course

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When you sign up for Dr. Austin's Networking and Relationship Mini Course you'll enjoy these amazing benefits plus so much more!

Don’t know what to say? Learn how to craft a concise elevator pitch line by line that will impress your new business leads when introducing yourself.
Learn insider secrets on how to meet celebrities and influencers then turn them into paying clients or ambassadors for your product or service.
Discover how you can to network and build real relationships with your "dream list" without even leaving your house...perfect for introverts!
Gain insight on the 6 strategies that you can use to make people like you
Learn how to organize your high value dream list and how to strategically stay in touch...only 5 minutes per day needed!

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Your Questions Answered

How long is this self paced pitching training?

Module 1: 10:24
Module 2: 10:26
Module 3: 18:58
Module 4 (4A): 17:42
Module 4 (4B): 27:30
Module 5: 7:24

This course is 1 hour and 32 minutes of information packed "how to" video training

What if I am not a good with networking and don’t get out to events much? Would this course work for me?

Yes! Once you discover your target audience, business objectives, niche, goals, and the specific problems that you want to address for you ideal customer or subject you want to raise awareness for (all from Strategy 1), I’m going to show you how to come up with your pitch and network for success.

I assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised and maybe even shocked when you discover how easy and fun networking is. After you learn a few basic strategies, you’ll start to meet and ultimately pitch your brand to anyone you want...including celebrities, decision makers, and deal makers!

Do you offer any resources that can help with me with meeting my dream clients?

Yes, this course includes a workbook that will walk you through the pitching and networking process step by step.

I also have a KILLER networking software that can help you build real relationships with your dream clients Even If You're Introverted, So You Can Fast-Forward Cashing-In!

Are you available for 1-1 coaching if I need additional personalized learning and social media coaching?

Yes, if you feel like you would like 1-1 coaching, I can be retained to coach you individually monthly or by the hour; or you can join my Platinum Membership Program where you will get coached by me and my team of rock star brand building partners for an entire year.

How much would I save by learning DIY pitching and networking strategies in this course?

Pitching and networking coaches alone can range from $300-500 per coaching session. Attending local, national, or international events to network with your dream list can be a huge time and money investment as well. This course will help you jumpstart your networking and pitching right at home for a fraction of the cost of one private coaching session!

Should I sign my team members up for this course as well?

If you are a busy entrepreneur and plan to assign a team member to help you manage your networking and pitching, I highly recommend that you sign them up for this training too so they will have a clear understanding of this TOP SECRET networking strategy.

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