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Dr. Catrise Austin’s “How To Become A Celebrity” Marketing, Branding, and Media Weekly Inner Circle Video Coaching”

“Every week I am holding live office hours to answer your questions about how to implement key marketing strategies and grow your brand online.  In addition to that, monthly I film a tactical video takeaway lesson on Marketing, Branding, and Media strategies to help you Get More Exposure and Get Noticed by High-Value Clients, Media, Celebrities, and Brands. The ultimate goal is for people to discover who you are, generate more clients, increase your sales, and make you highly sought after in your local town, state, nationwide, or even world wide….sky is the limit! 

The coolest thing is…you can join today for only $1 for 7 days then only $7/MO after that!

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$1 for 7 Days then only $7/MO

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Plus Live 5 Day Training Event

“5 Strategies To Get Noticed And Create A Celebrity Brand” 

Strategy 1:  How to Build Your Personal Brand
Strategy 2: Secrets to Social Media
Strategy 3: How to Write a Book
Strategy 4: How to Get Media Coverage
Strategy 5: Networking Celebrity Contacts

"Working with Dr. Austin helped me to broaden and expand my brand completely!"

Dr. Darwin Hayes

DDS New Jersey

"You have no idea how much attention I've attracted from your teachings.  It's like a ripple effect!"

Dr. Carla Pontes

Dental Writer

5 Day Strategy Workshops

5 Day ‘Deep Dive” Training Event and Live Q & A With Dr. Catrise Austin 

New Date Coming Soon

“5 Strategies to Get Noticed And Create A Celebrity Brand”  

Strategy 1: Discover Your Brand Message, Attract Your Perfect Client, and Make an Irresistible Offer 
Strategy 2: Get Noticed, Build Your Influence, and Make Money on Social Media 
Strategy 3: Learn Why Everyone Needs to Write a Book and Why It’s Easier Than You Think! 
Strategy 4: Insider Secrets to Landing Local and National TV Appearances
Strategy 5: Build Key Relationships: The Elevator Pitch, Networking, and How to Make Celebrity Contacts 

Classes That Are Ready for You To Enjoy

Stacia Crawford

Stacia Crawford is an award-winning journalist with more than 3 decades as a TV news producer. Her vast experience in the broadcast industry has positioned her to be a skilled communications specialist, media trainer, and PR strategist. She has booked thousands of guests on TV and understands what editors and producers want, and she knows what it takes to deliver.

Stacia provides customized training to help ambitious leaders better understand the media, develop story angles, and deliver concise key messages with every interview..

Her clients have been featured on all the major networks including ABC, CBS,NBC, FOX, CNN and more.

Releasing Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Leverage Your Expertise To Get Booked On TV

How to position yourself as an expert
How to find the right media outlets for you
How to write a great pitch

Sandi Masori

Sandi Masori is the best-selling author, speaker, TV personality, and book strategist who helps authors write and self-publish their books. Over the past ten years, she has helped hundred of authors with their business authority or legacy/memoir books and to achieve their publishing dreams.

What began as a way to promote her own business became a full-time job helping others. She has authored seven books, including "Book It." Before becoming a Book Strategist, Sandi was a first-grade teacher in Los Angeles. Utilizing her teaching experience, she breaks down complicated challenges into bite-sized pieces and coaches her clients through the self-publishing path.

Sandi has been featured on The Today Show, The List, Hallmark's Home And Family Show, and FOX LA. Her popular YouTube channel (SandiMasoriPresents), has over 78k subscribers and 13 million views and features DIY crafts, cooking, and more.

Releasing Sunday, April 10, 2022

Become a Best Selling Author

The Benefits of Becoming a Best Selling Author
How to Make Money as a Best Selling Author
Key Mistakes to Avoid When Publishing Your Books

Dr. Austin

In this video, Dr. Catrise Austin demonstrates how you can auto-reply to your customers the instant that they DM you with a greeting. 

If you find yourself getting the same questions from your customers and you want to save time responding, she’ll also show you how you can set up your Frequently Asked Questions with the answers with auto-reply. 

You don’t want to miss this!

On Demand Now 

How to Auto Reply to Messages on Instagram and Facebook

How to instantly reply to people that are inquiring about your product and services
How to Connect Your Instagram Professional Page and Facebook Business Page
How to Discover and Set Up Responses to Your Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Catrise Austin

On Demand Now

How To Upload Your Book To Amazon For Self Publishing 

Where do you go to create an Amazon account to self-publish your book
What do you need to have prepared before you upload your book
Learn how to submit your book step by step

Michael  Clark

Michael Clark is a certified life coach and pitch coach with over ten years of experience. His superpower is transforming the shy and introverted into pitching powerhouses. His past clients include entrepreneurs, startup founders, writers, and producers. Utilizing his background in media and marketing, he coaches each client to create authentic and organic pitches that win and close deals. As CEO of Personality Pitching, his clients have raised from $10K to $20 million after implementing his proven pitching strategies. Michael has a BA in Communications and resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife and three children.

On Demand Now

 5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Pitch

Learn how to stay on and track and focused while pitching
Get the #1 Tip for Remembering Your Pitch
Get nervous? Learn how to stay calm and relaxed 

Kae Whitaker

Kae is a Digital Marketing Strategist that specializes in helping service providers create an automated marketing systems that close the gap in leads lost, enhance their sales processes, and keep customers returning bringing their friends.

On Demand Now

The Art of the Sales Funnel

Demystify some myths about the Sales Funnels and Email Marketing
Understand what a funnel is and how it benefits your business
Build a basic funnel together

Pamela Crane

Pamela Crane (MS, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500) helps heart-centered entrepreneurs overcome fears and imposter syndrome to create online content; and provides evidence-based continuing education and mentoring for yoga professionals. She is a former broadcast journalist and film and commercial actress who hosts The Yoga Pro Podcast; and has presented nationally and internationally at symposia and conferences for yoga and integrative medicine.

Find her at, @interoceptiveperformance on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, or

On Demand Now

Confidence and Connection on Camera: How to show up for your business and yourself online

Why showing up online with video in 2022 is vital to small business
10 tips for being confident on camera
How imposter syndrome affects our confidence and keeps us disconnected

Instagram Marketing 101
Getting Started

Releasing Monday, November 8, 2021

Training Includes: 

What is Instagram
Top Goals for Instagram and Your Business
Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Instagram

Instagram Marketing 101
Understanding the Algorithm So You Can Master It & Win

Releasing Monday, November 15, 2021

Training Includes: 

Instagram’s user behavior.
5 Key Factors That Affect Your Instagram Algorithm
Why it’s important to learn how to leverage Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage

Instagram Marketing 101
6 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Instagram Profile

Releasing Monday, November 22, 2021

Training Includes: 

Secrets to creating an informative and engaging bio
How to get the most out of the clickable link in your bio
Strategies to create a visually appealing Instagram Feed

Athena Oanessian

Founder & CEO You Squared, Inc.

Athena Oanessian is a young, purpose-driven entrepreneur. After graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors last year, mid-pandemic, she founded the motivational goal planner company, You Squared! She seeks to inspire change, and empower people to believe in themselves, achieve their biggest goals, and reach their greatest potential! She likes to say, "Don't just dream. Take action!". 

On Demand Now

Create Your Roadmap to Meaningful Goals and Become a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur

Importance of Reflection
Goals pep talk: don’t choose goals that are too easy to reach. Challenge yourself
What are the top key strategies to goal setting?
How believing in yourself impacts the types of goals you set (too small vs big!)
Why your environment and daily actions are key to your success
The importance of smiling through the goal setting process
How important is gratitude during this process?

Dr. Faith Brown

Counseling Psychologist

Dr. Brown is in the transformation business; transforming relationships and careers. She takes a 360-degree assessment of the issues in play, then works with the client to mentally and strategically craft a plan of resolution. As a Counseling Psychologist, she helps clients debunk past debris to seamlessly invite the gifts of the present and as a Strategist, she helps individuals and corporate entities identify blind spots and craft new plans for success.

Live November 20th at 12 pm/est

Digital Course BluePrint: How To Package Your Information and Build A Digital Course 

Why every expert should have a digital course
What is needed to get started
Introduction on how to create a digital course for your business

Monty Lans

Instagram Influencer

Monty is a New York based Instagram influencer, strategist and coach, dedicated to teaching other entrepreneurs, brands, influencers and professionals how to grow and monetize on the Instagram platform. His expert coaching is for anyone looking for practical, creative, fun and effective ways to build a community and establish themselves as a “go-to” authority within their respective niche.

Live November 29th at 7 pm/est

Intro to Creating HIGH PERFORMING Reels!

Simple, yet effective reel ideas for any niche
How to do cool hooks and transitions that capture and sustain your audience's attention.
What makes a reel perform well

Social with Rocki

Social Media Consultant

Rocki is an Instagram unicorn. She is a social media marketer and strategist who helps small businesses learn how to make sales and grow their brand on Instagram. She also works as a business coach, public speaker, and clubhouse influencer, among many other businesses. 

Live March 30th at 7 pm/est

Learn how becoming a content creator can help make sales and grow your brand on Instagram.
Understand the importance of social media engagement and strategies that can help you increase your engagement.
Discover the importance of using hashtags to find your niche audience.

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