Learn Everything You Need to Know to Create Massive Local and National Media Visibility For Your Brand

5 Amazing Modules Covering Everything You Need to Create a Highly Visible Media Presence on Local and National Television, Radio, Podcasts, Magazines, and More!

Learn all the steps to take to master everything in less than 1 hour and a half!

Module 1

Understanding the Various Types of Media

Module 2

Public Relations 101

Module 3

 4 KEY Things To Prepare For Media Publicity

Module 4

Reach Major News Outlets With Press Releases

Module 5

Look Like True Expert with an Expert Focused Website

About Your Coach

Dr. Catrise Austin

Better known as The Queen of Smiles™, Dr. Austin has been regularly featured on local and national television including NBC’s Today Show, ABC, and even TMZ sharing cosmetic dentistry tips from both of her #1 international bestseller books, “GetSmiled” and “The Ultimate Guide To Charcoal Teeth Whitening”.

For more than two decades, Dr. Austin has shared teeth whitening secrets with not only thousands of her own patients, but also with tv audiences across the nation including The Dr. Oz Show and Today Show. In April 2018, she launched VIP Smiles, her own teeth whitening product line which was nominated in 2018 as a “Best Oral Care” product at New York’s Indie Beauty Expo.

Dr. Austin teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their brands through her #1 best-selling books “5 Strategies to Get Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand ” and “How To Start Your Own Teeth Whitening Business-In No Time”. 

She is a frequent contributor to online and print media publications in the industry and beyond, including a business feature in Entrepreneur Magazine and is excited for the opportunity to teach you the skills she's used in her business for over 25 years that has led to all of her success!

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strategy 4: insider secrets to landing local and national tv appearances

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strategy 4 Mini course


When you sign up for Dr. Austin's Media Mini Course you'll enjoy these amazing benefits plus so much more!

Build your authority and credibility in your industry
Share your message with thousands and even millions of viewers, listeners, and readers without paying for advertisement
Look like a rockstar to potential customers compared to your local competition
Master the art of crafting messages and pitching
Save thousands of dollars in monthly retainer fees by learning some of the core skills that publicists use to place experts like you in the media.

BONUS: Plus These Benefits

In addition to everything you'll receive above you also get these amazing bonuses when you enroll today.

Learn all 5 strategies by downloading Dr. Catrise Austin’s “5 Strategies To Get Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand” Ebook For Free!
Bonus 2 Gain access to a $1 Free Month Trial of Dr. Austin’s Celebrity Brand Club Membership
Bonus 3 Join and network with our community of entrepreneurs and expert presenters

Your Questions Answered

How long is this self paced media training?

Module 1: 22:46
Module 2: 32:04
Module 3: 41:10
Module 4: 9:58
Module 5: 9:07
Module 6: 54:53

This course is 1 hour and 45 minutes of information packed "how to" video training

What if I am camera shy or an introvert? Would this course work for me?

Would this course work for me? Yes! Once you discover your messages and stories, I assure you that you will find a comfort zone when in front of the camera. I also have coaches that can train you on how to get comfortable speaking on camera as well. I got you!

Are you available for 1-1 coaching if I need additional personalized learning and coaching?

Yes, if you feel like you would like 1-1 coaching, I can be retained to coach you individually or you can join my Platinum Membership Program where you will get coached by me and my team of rock star media partners.

How much would I save by learning this media strategy with you?

The average monthly retainer fee for an experience publicist is about $5,000/month. This course is an one time investment that is only a fraction of the cost of just 1 month of a publicists’ retainer fee. This training will save you THOUSANDS!

Do you offer media leads to get booked by producers and editors?

Yes, when you join this course and become a member of my VIP Inner Circle Celebrity Brand community, you will get access to exclusive media leads and live media events.

I also have an affordable media distribution service that can get you even more exposure including articles on Google, blogs for your website, videos for Youtube, slide presentations, audio ads that can be used for your own podcast, and infographics that can be used on social media.

Should I sign my team members up for this course as well?

If you are a busy entrepreneur and plan to assign a team member to perform media tasks for you, I highly recommend that you sign them up for this training too so they will have a clear understanding of this media strategy.

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